English Exam Preparation Explained for Success

Australia Cricket Get started on your IELTS & PTE exam preparation.

English for Emigration helps you to achieve IELTS or PTE exam success. We offer a free pre-tuition assessment, of either academic or general tasks, depending on the exam you’ve chosen to take. Next, you’ll receive feedback to identify relevant exam preparation material. 

What’s involved in IELTS & PTE Exams?

English for Emigration explains exactly which aspects of the English language that IELTS and PTE exams test, and the marking criteria. Therefore, your exam preparation allows you to gain confidence, specific to IELTS and Pearson PTE exam papers, leading to your success! 

How to improve on past IELTS & PTE scores.

Did you understand the exam marking criteria before you took your exam? Our free pre-tuition assessment helps identify the areas in which you can improve your exam strategies and techniques, to match these criteria, and boost your scores.