Grown up speaking English? IELTS preparation tips, just for you.

As fluent, native English speakers it is important to understand that the English exams, which offer extra visa application points are just that, exams! To achieve the best score in your test, it’s vital to prepare well – even if you have a good track record with exams. However, if it’s years since you were last in an exam room it’s time to get back to basics, with the following tips.

  • Familiarise yourself with the format of the test. 
  • Use the free IELTS practice material available online
  • Remember, each part of the test will be timed so make sure you practise in timed conditions.
  • Understand what happens on test day so you’re completely prepared and can focus on getting the result you want. 

Specific to each of the four exam papers:

  • You’ll need to listen very carefully for specific information in the Listening test as you only hear the recording once.
  • You’ll be asked to carry out tasks that you may never have done before in the Reading and Writing tests.
  • In the Speaking test, you will have to speak fluently and coherently on a topic, regardless of whether you find it interesting.
  • Remember, each part of the test will be timed, so practise in timed conditions.


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