Best English exam for YOU , IELTS or PTE?

Over and over again, I have conversations with people who have booked an English exam date, either IELTS or PTE, without having done any research in advance.

This approach can prove to be not both expensive and frustrating as well. Would you spend money on a new purchase for your home without doing some ‘desk research’ first? Probably not. Therefore, my recommendation is to avoid any knee jerk response, after hearing you have to sit one of the above exams, and consider what the differences between them mean, for you in the exam room.

Then work through the following step by step approach to make sure you’re fully prepared when the exam date comes around   

Step 1 : Make time to study exam preparation material as finding time is often the critical factor required to achieve your English exam target scores. 

Step 2 : Complete pre-exam tasks for assessment and be realistic about what your starting point is.

Step 3 : Book an exam date after you feel confident you understand what’s involved.

Step 4 : Practice exam strategies and techniques, widely available online.

to success!

 Founder, Marian Anderson is an expert in English exam preparation

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