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One of the conversations I frequently have with students, concerns switching exam formats. This may be from General IELTS to Academic PTE, or visa versa. However, the reasons for this option are critical when looking at the advantages and disadvantages, to you, of switching exam format.

Writing: there is no advantage opting for one exam, over the other, as this part of the exam is marked in the same way in both IELTS and PTE. Although, in IELTS Writing Task1 is simpler than PTE Writing Task 1.

Speaking: is significantly simpler in IELTS as it involves interacting with a person, rather than being marked by a computer, and is not based on academic tasks, as in PTE.

Listening: as IELTS is designed as a skills-based exam, this is more straightforward that PTE listening. In contrast, PTE is designed as a listening and note-taking exam and therefore, the listening section has a strong emphasis on grammar and vocabulary.

Reading: in contrast to the writing section, if this is the problem area in IELTS, PTE reading is much simpler because of the exam design, see above.

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