Missing the mark?

IELTS scores required for an immigration visa have to be achieved in every paper, on the same day.  For this reason, for many people, IELTS success could be compared to having to hit a moving target, not that easy.

Official IELTS statistics show that failing to ‘hit your target scores’ is not unusual, with candidates often taking the exam 5 times before they finally achieve success.  Of course, there are different reason as to why lower band scores than wanted appear on a certificate; the paper on that particular day may have been more difficult or simply a case of exam nerves.  As in all exam scenarios, sometimes nerves do get the better of the candidate and mistakes are made.  So don’t be give up, if you follow the trend and have to resit the exam, it’s normal apparently!

However, there is another strategy, get the IELTS scores at the beginning and not the end of the visa application process after you’ve spent time preparing with us. Then you’ll save time, money and energy. Good idea?

Tools for the IELTS exam

When we get ready to go to work, we usually make sure we have everything we need; it may be an actual tool kit, a laptop bag or a rucksack full of ‘the stuff’ needed for the day ahead.  Likewise, to succeed at  IELTS you should check your English language tool kit in advance.

How’s your spelling? Needing a bit of a brush up?  What about Punctuation ? It is an absolute must for the exam although nowadays, for speed, we tend to drop it in e mails and text messages.

These two tools are fundamental language requirements so make sure they’re as sharp as the pencils you take to the exam !


Your time managment during the Reading paper

In the Reading exam, the ticking clock is a real challenge. With 40 questions to answer in an hour, this averages out at 1.5 mins per question but as the questions get more difficult through Sections 2 & 3 you are probably going to need longer for questions 25 – 40.  In addition, there is no extra time factored into the exam for transferring answers to the answer sheet, unlike Listening.

So, when you are practicing past exam papers watch the clock!

 Founder & owner Marian Anderson

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