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  • 30.10.2020
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Tygojind | 31.10.2020
You have a sexy wonderful body and feet wooow
Kaganris | 04.11.2020
No one is “killing” anything. That word is tossed out because of propaganda. Secondly, have you talked to women about their experiences with abortion? Have you talked to medical doctors? I am going to guess that you never told talked to a woman or a doctor about the many varied circumstances in which abortions happen. Such as fetuses that develop without major organs or are dying inside the mother’s body. Should women just die to make people like you happy?
Kigajind | 04.11.2020
Hey Hey! How u doin?
Keran | 04.11.2020
Hmu I have something u can blow!
Mezigar | 05.11.2020
hi can i see ur nude

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