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  • 05.02.2020
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Samugar | 09.02.2020
Even when I read your comment about the way you interact with your wife and the feelings that you get from holding and touching and caressing your children... Something in my brain starts to change somehow it becomes a little altered with your words... it made me conjure up that time in my life with my children crawling all over me and boy oh boy all the wonderful interaction it was a hundred times what I'm experiencing now..
Zolozragore | 09.02.2020
Her name
Tujas | 11.02.2020
Every good thing, very beautiful
Jurg | 11.02.2020
Thanks mom and dad, for not getting divorced, remarried and not having another kid. It makes my life a hell of a lot easier! :-)
Arashitilar | 13.02.2020
Hola Subia2014, ¿porque te gustan mis vídeos?

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