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  • 12.06.2020
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Grojin | 12.06.2020
What is missing is access to free universal contraception and competent, professional sex education. It's got to be done by the schools because too many parents are too lazy or stupid or sexually repressed to teach their kids better. Even so, there will still be situations where abortions will be necessary. So they must remain safe and legal.
Samushakar | 13.06.2020
Wyf does he have to make noises smfh
Mazuru | 13.06.2020
Love your flex. We could make one in the bahamas hit me up
Taran | 15.06.2020
WOW, delusional much?
Faunris | 16.06.2020
What is the name of the very first song? Nice vid :)

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