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  • 29.06.2021
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Zolojora | 01.07.2021
i try looking for bruddaman22 but it says it doesnt exist
Gardalrajas | 02.07.2021
Sitting here with my head smartphones chortling at some parts, listening to this utter blast is hilarious. Even my wifey asked and said what is so hilarious? of course i switched and all. 10/10 Not bad i like it.
Kagakree | 02.07.2021
It's not me disagreeing with it: it's the international judicial standard. Freedom of religious conscience and practice is a human right. Prisoners have human rights (Consider that this right is protected for atheists by not being compelled to participate in religious activities).
Kigall | 05.07.2021
So.... this guy called out his wife before she could play out a fantasy date between his daughter and him?......*walks away*
Voodoobei | 07.07.2021
Oi, me add.

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