To discover what YOUR individual IELTS, or PTE, exam preparation requires, you will be asked to complete a pre-tuition assessment, specific to the exam you’ve chosen to prepare for. After this is returned and assessed, free feedback will be sent to you as a base for your individual tuition package. This allows us to identify areas for improvement necessary to improve your scores. 

Your tuition should start well in advance of  your exam date, to enable you to achieve the best results by processing and practicing what you will be taught during your lesson. We suggest the following step-by-step process for IELTS & PTE preparation to guide you to exam success.


1 hour tuition: IELTS / PTE Exam Overview                                Fee: £60

Specific to the paper concerning you most, commonly reading or writing, this tuition covers strategies, and techniques, to improve your time management and raise your awareness of the most common problems. After your tuition session, continuous feedback is provided, up to your exam date. This option is popular with exam candidates struggling with one particular exam section.


2 hours tuition: IELTS / PTE Exam Preparation                          Fee £110

Tailored to improve overall English exam skills, this option also covers individual papers, strategies and techniques, required in exam conditions.  Self-study material and practice material are included with this option, as well as continuous support and feedback, up to your exam date.


3 hours tuition: IELTS / PTE Exam Preparation                           Fee £160

This option covers all aspects of English exam preparation needed to achieve your target scores, in IELTS or PTE exams. Working from your pre-tuition feedback, tuition will focus on the areas highlighted in it. Self-study materials are also included, as well as continuous support and feedback, up to your exam date.


Post Tuition IELTS / PTE Exam Feedback                                    Fee £50

For past students, feedback on self-study exam material available, prior to resit.


 Founder, Marian Anderson is an expert in English exam preparation

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English for Emigration, founded by Marian Anderson, an expert in her field, helps you identify, and correct, any problems that may be preventing you from gaining your target scores in IELTS, or Pearson PTE exams, needed to progress your visa application.

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